Super Cub Fun

Last week my friend Mike invited me to ride along to Columbia Airport with him to pick up his Super Cub from its annual inspection. As a rule, I never turn down a Super Cub flight!

Someone from the shop flew to Palo Alto Airport to pick us up in a Cessna 182 and took us to Columbia. When we arrived I took a quick self-guided tour of the shop. They had several beautiful Bonanzas in there for annual inspections. That's a sure sign of a quality shop.

They were kind enough to lend us a car for the short ride into town for lunch. Columbia is a charming Old West town. Visiting downtown feels like taking a ride in a time machine. We spent Fourth of July weekend there this year and had a great time.

Back at the hangar, Mike settled his tab and collected his log books, and we walked out to the ramp to find N14314.

It's so cute

No glass cockpit here

After a quick pre-flight inspection (the Cub is a remarkably simple aircraft) we saddled up.

I haven't figured out how to smile for selfies

Taxiing feels like riding in a go kart

The Cub felt right at home on Columbia's grass strip. After a short ground roll it leapt off the turf.

It really is the perfect airplane for low and slow sight seeing flights.

It doesn't hurt that you can look straight down past the landing gear at the ground beneath you. You can even open up the whole side of the plane in flight. Or just open the top half and stick your elbow out into the airstream.

It took a while (the Cub is no speed demon) but eventually we were passing over the stinky salt ponds of Fremont and entering the traffic pattern at Palo Alto.

What a great flight! I'm not ready to trade in the Bonanza just yet, but... maybe a two plane fleet is the ticket?

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