Bath Time

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I went almost a full year owning N4WR without giving him a full bath. I'd washed the windows numerous times and done some spot cleaning, but I'd never taxied over to the wash rack and hosed him down.

In my defense, and to the previous owner's credit, 4WR was shiny and spotless when I picked him up in Indiana last year. Then, during the fall and winter months, flying in the rain kept him pretty clean. And the unfortunate fact that he sits out in the rain dissuaded me from washing him. However, when the rains slowed this summer, the dirt started to build up quickly. It was time for a wash.

So I taxied over to the wash rack, which is right next to the tower at PAO.

And I gave 4WR a thorough scrubbing. It was a dirty, difficult job that took me nearly 3 hours. An older German gentleman brought his Cessna 172 over, washed it, and left, in the meantime. But the results were worth it: clean and shiny!

After I finished, Sophie, Max, and the Haines family stopped by to inspect my work.

Micah and I went for a short joyride around the South Bay. It sure felt great to fly such a clean airplane. I'm pretty sure it flew a few knots faster, too.

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